e = engineering, p = producing, mx = mixing, mstr = mastering

Swimming With Bears - Shiver and Crawl mx, mstr
Catch Fever - Eyes on the Stars e, mx
Quiet Company - On Ex-Husbands and Wives mx, mstr
Black Books - Golden OK e, p, mx, mstr
Reddening West - All You Need e, p, mx, mstr
Quiet Company - Wherever You Take Me e,mx
Black Books - The Big Idea e, p, mx
Legendary Skies - All Is as the Force Wills It  e, co-p, mx, mstr
Honeyrude - Roger McClain mx, mstr
Magnet School - Red Gian e, mx
Pseudo Future - Od to Madness e, mx, mstr
Black Books - Something to Remember e, p, mx, mstr
Reed Turner - Room for Doubt e, mx
Blue October - Not Broken Anymore e, mx
Chippr Jones - Tropics e, p, mx
Young Tongue - RXNLA e, p, mx
Vorcha - Mask Maker e, p, mx, mstr
Ashbury Keys - Terrible Guy mx
Quiet Company - We Should Go to Counseling e, mx, mstr
Honeyrude - Lover in Denial mx, mstr
IAMDYNAMITE - In the Summer e

Joshua Radin - Your Rainy Days / mixing

Blue October - To Be ( sway album closer ) engineer, mixing

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